Goods Lift

Storage Faclity Elevators

Used extensively in factories and storage facilities for the movement of goods between floors. Two kinds of lifts are on offer - Drum wound machine based or traction machine based. The capacities available range from 250 Kgs to 10 Tons.

Goods and workers can be transported to any number of floors. The size of the lifts can be from 3' x 2' to as large as 12' x 20'. Standard height of the cabin is 6' 7½". The lift can open on the opposite side also (2 side open cabin).

Features of Goods Lifts

- Always stable travel for heavy - load transport.
- Effective, superior and low - keyed performance.
- It is also enery saving in heavy load - travel.
- The well developed international car elevation technology.
- Three types designs: RM / MMR / MRL

Designer & Durable Goods Lifts


Inner View of Cabin

Center / Telescopic M.S. /
S.S. Autodoor
Collapsible Door

Additional Exceptional Features


Sturdy & Durable
Highly intensified shaped materials, that are able to carry various kinds of cargos.


Large Door
Multiple folded cabin door structure is employed to reach the max width, which facilitates the entry of large cargoes.


Light curtain Protection
Several protective light curtaine are formed at the entrance of the elevator in to the detection scope. The safety of human and cargos are guaranteed.


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