Hydraulic Lifts Components

Elevator Valve


Holeless lifts are called so because they do not use a conventional piston/casing arrangement. Holeless lifts come in many different styles.

The two predominant types are direct-acting and roped. Holeless hydraulic lift equipment is typically more expensive than in-ground equipment; however, the additional expense is offset by the high cost of drilling a jack hole. Thye other benefit to hole less equipment is that there is no possibility of an environmental contamination.


Screw Pump
The immersed screw pumps coupled with immersed Motor or Flange Mounted Motor run quietly and without pulsation and guarantee a long life. Screw Pumps are used in hydraulic elevators and hydraulic systems of every kind.


Alloy Al-Si Treated, UNI3600.

Power Rotor:

Steel Construction, UNI4838.

Idler Rotor:

Paralytic iron, UNI5007.


Suction Filter 0.255mm2.


1000C maximum.


Power Unit

Cylindrical Pulley

Hydraulic Control Panel

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