Hospital Lifts

Specially for Stretchers / Wheel Chair

The Best Elevators for you Hospital Needs. With the Unique and latest Technology We are dedicated in Designing and Manufacturing Hi- Tech Hospital Elevators which gives the best Performance. We assure you a Smooth and Jerk less Elevator Experience and low Power consumption.

Features of Hospital Lifts

VVVF door machine system ppledges highly security of entry / exit.
- It effectively fullfill safe entry / exit of the landing door.
- It can adjust switch speed for each floor with high sensibility to ensure smooth and peaceful
   running of elevator door.

Trouble self-diagnostic system ascends itself onto high inspection efficiency.
- It automatically shows failure information to increase the repair efficiency, which can
   automatically save 10 trouble information records.
- It is convenient to grasp the detailed information and remove the troubles.


Additional Exceptional Features


Handicap Helper
- Lifts use functions for handicapped (optional).
- PLC serial hospital elevator puts the needs of the handicapped into the elevator design concept.
- It assembles with the elevator use functions for the handicapped with the harmonious transport.
- It cretes an equal and obstacle free - space.


Smart Infrared
- Light curtain protection has surpassed a new height of safety.
- The contcentrative infrared ray beams can sensitively probe any entry person / object with high safety performance.


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