Passenger Lifts

Residence & Small Office Elevators

Passenger elevators are designed for buildings less than 50 storeyed, efficient and well equipped. These elevators have a very good carrying capacity. These elevators are built on customer needs, mainly built consulting the major authorities of the building and its owner. Significantly based on the comfort of the people of the building.

Elevators are built on various prospects based on effectiveness, reliability and performance.

Features of Passenger Lifts

- The passengers lifts are designed to handle promptly and efficiently the transportation
   requirements of any type of building - which means any traffic conditions.
- They are renowed for high quality and robust performance.
- Delivers maximum lifting power with a minimum of effort
- A superior combination of flexibility and performance.
- It gives benifits to jerk less travelling, economically low power consumption and excellent design.
- Features: Cent percent safety, Easy to use and maintain.


Car Operator & Door Header


Auto Door Mechanism


Center Opening with
Large Vision Panel

Full Vision Glass

Center Opening with
Small Vision Panel

Telescopic S.S.
Auto Door

S.S. Designer Finish


Manual Door Mechanism


Decorative Swing

Manual Telescopic

M.S. Semi Automatic
Swing Door




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