Penaromic / Capsule Lifts

Capsule lifts give an additional eye catching look to a modern building and act as architechtural highlights of the buildings. They act like the ornaments of a building for the enhance the beauty and bring life in it. We provide capsule elevators for Hotels, Appartments, shopping malls, etc.

Features of Penaromic / Capsule Lifts

- Made for S.S. / M.S. with vision panel.
- Color - Powder coated, Elegant looks, Light in weight and variable speed.
- Controller Full Proof to voltage (PLC or Sold State)with fully collective - selective system.
- AC VVVF drive for jerk free operation & for variable speed.
- Overload indication and Auto Door announcing system.
- Avail Inverter facility for single base at time of Power failure.
- Push Button Luminous type highly attractive as well as durable
- Facility Floor Position Indication at the floors as well as in cabin.

Capsule Lifts Specification


Attractive Penaromic / Capsule Lifts


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